Meet EDIE: an AI-powered tutor who's always there for you

EDIE combines artificial intelligence with professional tutors to provide you with instant homework feedback and help.

How can EDIE help?



Not always there when you need them, meaning you'll usually have to wait for your weekly session to ask questions and learn

Expensive, especially over long periods

No guarantee of quality

May not be the right fit for you (something you won't know straight away)

Ladder Up

With a network of experts, there'll be always someone on hand to help you

You choose when you need the help, from who, and how much to pay.

One-off sessions, no lock-in contracts

Vetted experts, so when we say 'experts', we mean it.

Experts comes to you, so you pick the one who understands your problem best


Are only there for you, 9am to 3pm. Outside of class, they don't know you

Have 20 other students to look after at the same time, so often the best feedback you'll get is general and generic

Just don't have the time to give you the tailored attention you need

Ladder Up

With a network of experts, there'll be always someone on hand to help you, whether it's face-to-face, over the phone, over Skype, or even via email.

Tutors compete against each other to help you, so you can be assured they're focused on your needs

With Ladder Up, it's just you and your expert. 1:1, tailored, personal - support just for you.

How can Ladder Up help you?

How you use Ladder Up is up to you! Here are some ways students have gotten help with Ladder Up.

Questions and Answers

Get one-on-one time to get your most pressing questions or most boggling concepts explained

Last-minute tutoring

Panicking before an exam? Talk it through with one of our experts and fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Essay Marking

Have someone proof-read and mark your practice essays.

Improve your writing

Get personalised coaching on grammar, structure, expression and more.


How does EDIE work?

Ask EDIE questions

Ask EDIE any questions on whatever VCE English questions you get stuck with. EDIE learns from millions of points of data to provide you instant answers.

Get support 24/7

EDIE is always online, so you can get help whenever, wherever. If there's something she doesn't know yet, a human will jump in to support you.

Send EDIE your essays

EDIE reads your essays and compares it to thousands of other essays to generate accurate feedback.

Improve from quick feedback

Your essays are then cross-checked by an experienced VCE tutor and quickly returned to you, complete with an overall mark using the VCAA criteria, so you can practice more and improve faster.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.

For questions big or small, no matter what time of the day it is, EDIE provides you with support, teaching and reliable information.

Best of all, EDIE is always online, so you can expect instantaneous responses so you never have to get stuck.

So smart, EDIE learns from you

The AI that powers EDIE gets smarter with every question asked. That means our platform gets better and better at understanding you, and providing you with a specially tailored response.


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Essay Marking

We combine cutting-edge technology with professional VCE tutors to provide feedback on your practice writings and essays rapidly. That just means less waiting, and more improving.

Current essay turn-around time: 12-24 hours

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